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What is this?

This site takes a JPG and tries to turn it into a Lightroom preset.

How does it work?

When an image is exported from Lightroom, it has a chunk of data inside of it called XMP. This data should be there by default, though some people strip this data via Lightroom or a setting on Flickr, etc. As long as the data isn't stripped, we can pull it out of the file and create a Lightroom preset based on the settings used for the image.

None of the images I tried are working!

Bummer! This could be happening for any number of reasons. The creator of the image may have stripped the XMP data (where the needed info is stored) from the file. The creator may have used a program other than Lightroom, or modified the image after exporting from Lightroom and that second program stripped the XMP data. Keep trying though and you'll find some images eventually.

This is mean and wrong and low-down-no-good-dirty...

I'm sorry you feel that way. Personally I think its a great learning tool. Originally I created this for my own curiosity but I thought I'd share it. If you use it though, I encourage you to use it for learning and not ripping off the look of your favorite photograhers. Find out what settings they use and how they achieved the look. Think of it like learning all of the ingredients in your favorite meal and then coming up with your own creation from that knowledge.